State of the Halibut: 2013 Winter

State of the Halibut: 2013 Winter

Read this to figure out what the hell is going on with our releases!  It’s important!

Positions available

A lot of our projects have been stalled due to a lack of dedicated staff, and that’s not fun for anyone.  We’re starting to get on some kind of track, but we NEED HELP.  We need TRANSLATORS, CLEANERS, REDRAWERS, TYPESETTERS, AND PROOFREADERS.  If you’re curious, yes, that’s pretty much everything.  If you like any of our projects and want to see a more timely release, join us!  If you have no experience, that’s okay!  We can help train you, but we won’t hold your hand the whole way.  Read on to see what kind of help we need with our projects.

Halibut Project Freeze & Series Requests

As previously mentioned, we’re not picking up any other projects unless we’re back down to less than 15 current projects total. We only have a couple more to go, so it shouldn’t be too long.  Note that we won’t be taking any requests.  Series will be selected among the group members because it’ll have to be something we want to work on if we want to support it. If you have a series that you’d like to see worked on, join us! There’s no better way to give your requests more weight than to lend a helping hand!

17-Sai degrees

17-sai finished with 5 chapters. Currently awaiting translation.

Adam in Puberty

We’re behind with this, as we need a Translator and could use another Cleaner to help out with this series.

Addicted to Curry

We need everything for this series, people.  If we don’t get an actual team that is willing to work on this project and stay consistent, this project is facing potential dropping.

Demon Lord at Work! (regular & HS!)

We are currently trying to acquire up to date raws for the High School series and are finishing off backlogged chapters for the mainline series right now.  We are in dire need of Editors, and Typesetters for both projects.


Nothing new to note here, releases will come as WtfCakes and Ignis work on them.


We’re still plugging away with releases every Friday.  We’re still behind, but with our current schedule, we WILL be caught up soon.

Freezing: Zero

You can expect about one chapter per month, as these chapters are longer and require more effort from the participating staff.

Freezing Pair Love Stories

We have Volume 1 raws, however releases for this will come sparingly when we have time to do them.

Hidan no Aria

Waiting on raws to be scanned so the work process can begin.

Liar’s Paradox / Usotsuki Paradox (Usopara)

We need a Translator willing to work and get this series back on its feet, as well as additional Cleaners and a Typesetter.

Necrophile of Darkside Sister

Working on getting this done.  We need a dedicated Cleaner and a Typesetter to get this rolling.

Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions

This project desperately needs a Translator! 

Pure! Pure! / Sukiiro Shoujo

Translation of Sukiiro Shoujo is continuing with help from LWB.  We need additional staff for Cleaners, Typesetters, and Quality-Checkers for these two projects.

Seishun Pop

We’re on a weekly schedule for a chapter to be released every Monday!  Seishun Pop Mondays are a thing now.


We could use help on this project!  We need a Translator, a Typesetter, and a Quality Checker!

Unbreakable Machine Doll

We’re on track with this series!  It has an anime adaptation, too.

Valkyria Chonicles

This project is dropped due to lack of staff and desire to pursue it.

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  1. 15th March 2014 | Shinn says: Reply
    It's a pity that Valkyria Chronicles has been dropped u__u.
  2. 9th February 2014 | Guest says: Reply
    Not sure if you noticed or not but official translation for "Shishunki na Adam" is "The Pubertal Adam" not "Adam in Puberty".
    • 9th February 2014 | Superior says: Reply
      Not sure if you noticed, but "The Pubertal Adam" reads like ass. Really stanky, sweaty, ass with shit still stuck in its crack due to insufficient wiping.
  3. 2nd February 2014 | Daniel says: Reply
    once I get caught up on reading all the Freezing chapters I'm going to apply for any positions except translator on Freezing or Ebiten. I have no Photoshop skills but I am willing to put in the time and effort to learn. Or if your positions are full on Freezing I'll apply to one of the Freezing side stories.
    • 3rd February 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Maybe a Freezing side project, but Freezing mainline & Ebiten are full up.
  4. 30th January 2014 | mastarnaab says: Reply
    I would like to apply as a proofreader. I don't have any experience though. Any other specific requirements than good English skills?
    • 30th January 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Extremely good english skills. We're now overstaffed in the proofreading department. There's a super high bar to get in. Good luck if you apply, make your application worth reading.
      • 1st February 2014 | mastarnaab says: Reply
        Ok, well the I think I'll pass. Hope you guys get more translators etc. so you can continue your great work :)
  5. 27th January 2014 | Ominae says: Reply
    Shame that Valkyria Chronicles was dropped. I'd love to see how it ended.
    • 27th January 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Play the games? IDK, it might get revisited at some time but its highly unlikely.
  6. 30th December 2013 | Arrow2333 says: Reply
    Thank you for all your effort guys, I wish I can contribute but I don't have the skills. =[
  7. 29th December 2013 | Someone says: Reply
    I stumbled upon this to see that Ookami needed a translator, yet you cannot apply to be a translator for the manga in the "Join Us!" part of the site. I was wondering if this was intentional; and if it is not, perhaps it is one of the reasons why you have not gotten a translator for Ookami yet.
    • 29th December 2013 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Just apply as a translator under something else.
      • 29th December 2013 | Someone says: Reply
        I never said I would apply. I, sadly, cannot translate, or even read Japanese. However, does that mean that there is an error, or does Ookami have already have a translator?
        • 29th December 2013 | zero_vectra says: Reply
          It's clearly an error, but to be frank, if someone wants to translate a project, they can just say which project they're most interested in somewhere in the body of the contact form. It's not rocket science.
        • 29th December 2013 | Dyspathy says: Reply
          I haven't had time to fix the mess that our application page has become since Kai last tweaked it unfortunately.
  8. 28th December 2013 | Curious says: Reply
    So Adam in puberty hit raw chapter 9 are you guys even still doing this project cuz it's been months since a release (March 18) to be exact
  9. 25th December 2013 | Algazero says: Reply
    Still waiting for a response to be a Proofreader for the group.
    • 26th December 2013 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      You havent submitted an application. Please use the join us form.
  10. 23rd December 2013 | roankun says: Reply
    hello! i applied as an editor for maou-sama HS a week ago but still havent gotten a reply. i was worried whether you guys got my application or not? >.<
  11. 17th December 2013 | Blinding Awesomeness says: Reply
  12. 11th December 2013 | Algazero says: Reply
    I do enjoy playing teacher, would that be the task of the editor, quality-checkers, and proofreaders altogether?
    • 12th December 2013 | zero_vectra says: Reply
      "Editor" is an umbrella term for the people that clean/redraw. Proofreaders get the script and check for grammar and punctuation mistakes, and quality checkers are usually the final eyes to go over a chapter before release. They check to make sure there are no missed redraws, the typesetting is done well, and that there are no mistakes the proofreader missed during the PR phase.
      • 12th December 2013 | Algazero says: Reply
        This would be my first task with manga, (I'm a QC for Kaitou atm) so I'd be totally down with proofreading whatever series you throw at me. I assume it would be in my best interests to catch up with whatever series you'd like me to proofread yes?

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