Donation Drive 2014

Donation Drive 2014

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re all having a good start to 2014.

Unfortunately, this message is not all sunshine and gumdrops.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed on our front page, we haven’t been getting much donations for the month of December into January.  You might think this isn’t a big deal, but it is.  Without donations, we can’t keep this boat afloat.  No donations means we have to dip into our personal funds (which, you know, is spent on things like rent, food, gas, etc.) in order to purchase raws and maintain server costs.  We can’t do that forever.

I come to you, my fellow manga and doujinshi lovers, with a plea:  please donate.  In order to continue bringing each and every one of you the manga you so enjoy, we need your help.  If you can’t help us with the actual scanlation process, maybe you could consider helping by enabling us to buy raws and keep our servers running.  Dyspathy can’t keep spending money on running the servers and buying the raws, and my income is barely enough to ensure I have a place to live, so we must turn to you, our valued readers, for assistance.

Thanks for reading, and if you donate, I truly appreciate it.  Scanlation was a hobby I was introduced to thanks to Dyspathy, and it’s been a lot of fun.  Here’s to hoping we can keep this going for another year of fish.

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  1. 10th January 2014 | Ben says: Reply
    Please start translating usotsuki paradox again, no one else translating it and the series has been finished for a year now
    • 11th January 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Its in progress. Volume 7 needs to be completely translated before we can release due to specials.
  2. 7th January 2014 | Carlos says: Reply
    Donated, more machine doll pls:P
    • 7th January 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      It has unfortunately been absent from the last 2 issues of Comic Alive. We can't do much about it.
  3. 2nd January 2014 | Sean says: Reply
    I was wondering, how much do you track the popularity of a title or chapter release? On the 1 hand I can understand and respect that you would scanlate stuff for the love of it and not just sell out to do popular stuff. On the other hand it might help in coming up with a more targeted pitch to your readership, for donations and help and stuff. That said I could also imagine a situation where a less popular title has some more ardent fans who are prepared to assist. I could also see a circular dynamic where more readers means more donations/help which means more frequent/varied releases which means more readers. For myself, I was curious and it seemed like an interesting question.
    • 2nd January 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      We don't keep very specific metrics, but we do know what our most popular series are.
      • 3rd January 2014 | Sean says: Reply
        Are you allowed to say what the top 5/top 10 are or do you prefer not to? (which may or may not have a good reason behind it). There is probably no huge significance in finding out other then inquiring minds wanting to know :P.
        • 3rd January 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
          Freezing, Machine Doll, Seishun Pop

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