Powerlevels are Bullshit

Powerlevels are Bullshit

It’s true.  Power levels in any sort of fiction are generally arbitrary metrics designed to try and convey some level of seriousness or drama.  When the main characters reach a certain point to match the level of a villain, they are then confronted with another villain even stronger than the one from before.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what is known as power creep.

It happens all the time, and the most notorious series for it is Dragon Ball.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Dragon Ball was a very important influence for me when I was younger.  I hold it sacred somewhere in my heart for the first bouts of emotion I felt when watching it, but power creep is a terrible mechanic, and it’s usually never intended (as far as I know).

I feel like Freezing is having that issue as well, but I’m here with you guys every Friday with another chapter, and I’m going to stay here with you guys for more chapters.

Why?  Because Freezing has one thing that Dragon Ball lacked.


Enjoy the chapter, and please ignore my ramblings~  I’ve done a lot of scanlation in the last two weeks, so I’m actually just losing my mind.

Freezing – Volume 21 Chapter 142: The Sisters of Lab 13, Part II

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  1. 4th January 2014 | Ren says: Reply
    Thanks for the release. :)
  2. 4th January 2014 | narengoku says: Reply
    Thanks for the chapter guys...
  3. 4th January 2014 | Alhazad2003 says: Reply
    Great work on this chapter, it's most appreciated. But you know, the more I think about how this arc progressed and finished, I find myself agreeing with you. Power levels ARE b#$*&#$%! Nuff said.
  4. 4th January 2014 | White-Fox says: Reply
    Thank you for the chapter.
  5. 3rd January 2014 | Curry puffs ♨ says: Reply
    Thanks for the chapter. See Kazuya, no need to be angsty if you lost one sister when you have this many sisters. No need to stick to the untouchable queen too now that you know you have real sisters.
  6. 3rd January 2014 | RangerH says: Reply
    Now this is the only Freezing I can enjoy.... The one that's outside, can stay outside. I will stay inside with this Freezing.
  7. 3rd January 2014 | Geese1 says: Reply
    Many thanks for the chapter!
  8. 3rd January 2014 | Acerola says: Reply
    • 3rd January 2014 | shogun01 says: Reply
      When I see "biologocal" in a sci-fi title. I always think of cloning.
  9. 3rd January 2014 | man00ver says: Reply
    Thanks!! BTW, this particular "power creep" is pretty obviously delving towards certain mysteries, like "what is Chiffon," and "WTF is Kazuya." Probably fully intended from the beginning. I suspect we'll see an ultimate-level power-up whenever Kaz finally gets baptized.
    • 3rd January 2014 | zero_vectra says: Reply
      I'd like to think there is a grand scheme somewhere in this, so I'll stick around to find out.
      • 3rd January 2014 | shogun01 says: Reply
        I've always seen Kazuya as the key character in the title. Not "key" as in the main character, but the one holding the key to the climax. It's a common writing technique and I've used it a few times in a few short stories, that I've writing in high school. When it came to Freezing, it got so popular that it looks like DYL just pushed Kazuya to the side, so he can milk out the title more to please Comic Valkyrie. This way DYL can keep his original planned ending intact, but at the same time he can continue to expand it.
  10. 3rd January 2014 | Viper says: Reply
    Thanks for the release!

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