State of the Halibut Spring 2014

State of the Halibut Spring 2014

Howdy everybody!  Have a question regarding one of our projects?  Want to know what we need help with?  Concerned we’ve dropped your favorite manga?

Read on and be enlightened.  If you ask questions pertaining to everything answered here in another post, Dyspathy and I will make fun of you.

Want to Help Us?

Then check out our Join Us page!  We’ve got a more up-to-date table of our projects and what we’re looking for in assistance.  Experience isn’t required, but preferred!  We will help train you!  All you need is a decent head on your shoulders, a good grasp of the English language, the ability to follow basic instruction, time to dedicate to the hobby, and the motivation to do your part.  All other information can again be found on our Join Us page!

Addicted to Curry

With our primary staff for this project going AWOL, I regret to announce this series is officially DROPPED from our current projects.  We lack a dedicated staff to work on this to get caught up despite our attempts at getting new blood, and more importantly,  we don’t have the money to pursue raws.  No one currently on staff cares that much about this project, and so it was with unanimous decision that this project is off our list.

Freezing, Zero, PLS, & Freezing Fridays

Freezing Fridays will continue with weekly releases until we are completely caught up with the currently released tankoubon (volume 22 as of this writing).  There will be a 2 to 3 week delay for volume 23, during which time we will resume releases of Freezing Zero and potentially Freezing Pair Love Stories.  We have a few ideas for proper release schedules once volume 23 is out, and I’ll keep you up-to-date when I have something to report during our FF posts.

Monday Releases

With Seishun Pop coming to an end at volume 6, we intend to pick back up with two other series.  You’ll see more regular updates of both Hidan no Aria and Liar’s Paradox, usually alternating every week between the two of them.

Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions

As you can tell, this has started back up properly with our new translator Kronos.  Look forward to more releases.

(It’s valuable staying awake early in the morning, I find new people!) – Dyspathy

Necrophile of Darkside Sister

Our usual staff for the project is prone to bouts of laziness and being a riajuu.  We’ve got initial projections of finishing this series up by August.

17sai Degrees Celsius

This has been in translation limbo for a bit, but after badgering A-zu-ra to pick up the slack, we’ve finally got it all translated.  This should be done within a reasonable amount of time.

Unbreakable Machine Doll

Oh man, Machine Doll…  It was unofficially on hiatus as the artist has apparently been ill for some time, being in and out of the hospital.  As you’ve likely noticed, there was a short omake that surfaced with the Blu-ray volumes, however we won’t be spending money on that.   We’ve also had one very short chapter since then.  Officially, Comic Alive has the next chapter billed for a 3/26 release, but we’ll see.

Hataraku Maou-sama & High School

We’ve got some translations for these projects now, and it’s just a matter of time for the workflow to pick back up.  We’ll be pushing for it to get going again.

Adam in Puberty

We’ve got A-zu-ra set to pick up translation on this series so we can keep pumping out more chapters.  Look forward to it!


Unfortunately, this has been stalled as we’re waiting on one of our two translators that have worked on this to get their asses into gear and actually start working on it instead of just being lazy.  #salty


Ignis and WtfCakes have been abnormally quiet lately, so assume this project is stalled until future notice.

All Hentai Projects

These are stalled as well until we see the return of one of our translators (or we coerce A-zu-ra into working on some).

Author Description


Proud beard owner, writer, typesetter, quality-checker, and game enthusiast. 3DS: 0645-5855-9430 | Twitter: @zero_vectra

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  1. 1st December 2014 | lol saur says: Reply
    When is new chapter of freezing coming?
  2. 27th June 2014 | Mertzykat says: Reply
    What happened to vita sexualis?
    • 27th June 2014 | zero_vectra says: Reply
      It clearly got dropped over two years ago, before my time joining the group. Seriously, does no one do their own research before directing questions like these at anyone that looks like they know what's up?
    • 27th June 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Dear god why do people still ask this? Is this just people from 4chan trolling us now?
  3. 22nd June 2014 | yohoho says: Reply
    Does this mean new Adam in Puberty chapters will be released soon? :O
  4. 9th June 2014 | Freak says: Reply
    And with a heavy heart that i bid farewell to any hope of any more chapters of Addicted to Curry coming out. I doubt that any other group will pick it up either. ;_;
  5. 3rd June 2014 | Alhazad2003 says: Reply
    Um... question. Since the next chapter of Freezing is the last one in volume 23, will you delay scanlating any more until the next volume is finally released? Just wanted some verification, that's all. Anyway, thanks for all you do. :D
    • 4th June 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Yes, we're only going to work from the volume scans.
    • 4th June 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      We'll have the next volume by the first week of July.
      • 8th June 2014 | Alhazad2003 says: Reply
        So it is actually coming out, awesomesauce! :D I was a bit worried because the next volume cover hasn't been shown yet. Though in another month? Neatness. Looking forward to it.
  6. 7th May 2014 | beru says: Reply
    Thanks for continuing Ookami-san +7! I might have missed something... Oh, I probably did, so I apologize in advance, but why do the DL buttons not link to anything in each of the recent posts I checked, no matter the project? Also, there are no MF links on the O-s+7 project page for the 2 most recent files. Thanks for all your hard work!
    • 7th May 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      DDL Hosts keep taking down our stuff or making it generally hard to get so we prefer people come to our IRC channel and download from our bot. Otherwise, check out Manga Traders or read online at Batoto or your favorite online reader that we'd rather not endorse because reasons.
  7. 13th April 2014 | ChaoFou says: Reply
    Hello, i came across your awesome site after asking why Freezing's english manga updates were so late in an anime torrenting site and they referred you guys. i want to say thanks by donating what i can for now because i LOVE freezing's story and such, and keep up the good work please!
    • 16th April 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      Thanks for stopping by and donating! We really appreciate it. Freezing will continue to be worked on from the volume raws, so we'll always be about a month behind what's been published in the web magazine. Sorry about that, but we just don't want to deal with the poor quality of the web raws.
  8. 30th March 2014 | Nil says: Reply
    thanks, I waiting the chapters the freezing and its Cross make.
    • 30th March 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      We're done with Cross Make. I don't have plans to acquire and scanlate that anymore since that project was damned from the start. Nobody wants to do it and I'm not about to go out and commission it either. It's not worth it to me when we're struggling to get by as it is.
  9. 20th March 2014 | Alhazad2003 says: Reply
    So we'll possibly be seeing Freezing P Love Stories in between Freezing chapters? Awesomesauce, I've been looking forward to that for the longest time. I especially want to see chapter 2, with loli Creo, too cute. ^^;; Anyway, thanks for all you do, and have a wonderful day.
  10. 20th March 2014 | Diamond says: Reply
    I'm glad you continue to work with Freezing and its spin-off, I would like to be of assistance in the future. All that remains is to thank you for your hard work, keep it up!
    • 20th March 2014 | Dyspathy says: Reply
      please come visit us on our IRC channel. If we don't respond leave us a message by PM or send us an email to recruitment at fth-scans dot com!
      • 21st March 2014 | Diamond says: Reply
        I just sent them an email! Well, you see if you can help them.

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