Consolation Prize

Consolation Prize

Hey folks.  Today has been a relatively shitty day in more ways than I can even begin to explain, so let me just cut the crap and get to the parts that directly affect you:

The combo has been broken.  After 68 weeks of almost completely uninterrupted Freezing deliveries, the reign has ended.

This happened due to a variety of reasons, chief among them being some staff members not communicating and others being generally lazy with deadlines.  I’m genuinely upset over this, but it happens.  As they say, everyone gets one.

So, what does this mean for you?  Well, as you’ve probably seen, this post isn’t about Freezing, but instead Liar’s Paradox.  That’s your consolation prize this week.  I can guarantee you, though, that next week is planned to be better.  Bigger and better.  I fully intend to recover from this breaker and start anew.  I’ve got numerous plans rolling around upstairs for ensuring we don’t have problems like this in the future, so stay tuned.  I’ll definitely keep you guys up-to-date as more things unfold.

Now, on to the chapter!  If you’re a fan of Liar’s Paradox, then enjoy!  If you don’t know what it is, then maybe give it a shot?  You might find yourself enjoying it!

Until next time~

Liar’s Paradox – Volume 07 Chapter 50: Ones who express love with words, Ones who express love without words, Ones who are completely being played

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  1. 22nd June 2014 | Shinkoero says: Reply
    Thanks you guys a lot <3! I hope your team can overcome problems and ... keep this series until the end :D
  2. 21st June 2014 | Viper says: Reply
    Great to have some usopara update ;D Thanks for the release!
  3. 21st June 2014 | Remon says: Reply
    • 21st June 2014 | Remon says: Reply
      noooooo. whatever....... enduring it....... enduring it.....
  4. 21st June 2014 | mucho thanks says: Reply
    thank you very much for this update :D can't wait to read it
  5. 21st June 2014 | Sean says: Reply
    *sadface for no freezing chapter* :'( I really do look forward to a weekly chapter of Freezing, so I think that I can share your disappointment. I can appreciate that shit does happen, so now might be a good opportunity to say thank you for a really impressive run. Over 1 year and 3 months. Notable, not just for the length of time, but also for the high quality of the work. As you leave the metaphorical field for the week, it brings to a close a fantastic innings, you can rest assured that both you and your staff (it would seem appropriate to give special mention of Vexed here) have done team Halibut proud, worthy of a standing ovation *claps*. I am almost certain I am not the only 1 who would feel this way. In the meantime, till next weeks offering and what we hope will be the start of a new combo, *mexican wave* From the about page: "We’re out there to make a name and to kick ass and take names in the process. We are For The Halibut."
  6. 21st June 2014 | Geese1 says: Reply
    Thanks for the new chapter!
  7. 20th June 2014 | man00ver says: Reply
    Nice, thanks! Good to get an update on this one.

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