Skin ‘O My Teeth

Skin ‘O My Teeth

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around.  Today is the culmination of all our hard work, and let me tell you, it’s been hectic.

After all, I said we’d make up for last week.

Freezing Friday is back (with a vengeance!) and it would not have been possible without every single person that pulled it together to help get this all done.

“But Zero-san, why is that?” you ask.  “Isn’t it just one chapter of Freezing?  Probably Freezing: Zero, right?”

You’re only half-right, my friends!  One chapter of Freezing: Zero, assuredly.  But then…

Then there’s Freezing: Pair Love Stories.

Yes, yes, I know; the mysterious and long-sought after series we’ve talked about for ages.  This is the project that took so long, and that’s because we had to get multiple people to clean and redraw.  Thank you darkhellsing for really working hard to get PLS done, man.  Hopefully next time will be less rushed and closer to our 110% quality.  Also, I can’t do this post without thanking both Buchou and Mitsuru-kun for handling typesetting for me on FZZ.  You guys did great.

Now, enough of that.  Enjoy our hard work, all 100~ish pages of Freezing for you to fawn over.  (By the way, I’m really excited about PLS.  Looking forward to bringing you guys more of it in the future!)

Freezing: Zero – Volume 04 Episode 17: Talent and Effort

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Freezing Pair Love Stories – Volume 01 Chapter 01: Ganessa Roland x Arthur Clipton

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  1. 1st September 2014 | Shinn says: Reply
    Thanks a lot for making Freezing: Pair Love Stories ^^. Loved that the first chapter was about Ganessa and Arthur, it was really good.
  2. 30th June 2014 | Viper says: Reply
    Thanks for the release!
  3. 29th June 2014 | Alhazad2003 says: Reply
    Woo hoo! A double release! Thanks again for all your hard work! :D Man, loved that chapter with Ganessa and Arthur, that was too cute. Even though they've all but disappeared from the main story, that chapter was very touching. Keep up the great work. :D
  4. 28th June 2014 | DahakaWarrior says: Reply
    Thx for the double release! Never woulda thought Zero would feature a chapter with that one girl who was nearly gutted by Bridget way back at the beginning of the Freezing series.
  5. 28th June 2014 | man00ver says: Reply
    Wow...release double-whammy! And the long-awaited PLS looks neat. Makes you wonder if we'll soon get to see one of those legendary Baptism things. Or a full-blown First Room Visit. Or at least something more sexy-romantic than a shower scene or bodice-ripping fight. Anyway, thanks a bunch!
  6. 28th June 2014 | Shogun01 says: Reply
    PLS = Pair Love Stories
  7. 28th June 2014 | Shin says: Reply
    What is PLS?
  8. 28th June 2014 | Geese1 says: Reply
    Thanks for the double release!
  9. 28th June 2014 | aoi says: Reply
    Again, thank you so much. No words for how amazing you guys are. Thank you for your hard work! FTH team's amazing!

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