Sup people. Today’s the 4th of July, which means it’s MURRICA DAY. For my fellow Americans, have a safe day today, and don’t get too drunk with your fireworks pls.

On to other important things!

Freezing Friday~!

Today you get a chapter of Freezing: Zero. We’ve got the next volume of the base Freezing inbound, so we’ll hopefully have that going in the next couple weeks SOON.

Also, it’s been brought to my attention that there are some people on a certain trashy website that wonder and/or complain about the release speed of Freezing. “Why aren’t we all caught up to date with the latest chapter?” is a question that gets thrown around a lot.

The answer is we don’t use the web raws, which are the most up-to-date form of the manga.  We wait for the volumes, which take time to get published, purchased, delivered, and scanned.  The volumes are what we’ve worked with most recently, and they are the best quality product to work with.  It’s not going to change.

So hey, people, if you feel like complaining about our speed, kindly fuck off.  We do our best to make sure we get at least one chapter out a week.


Freezing: Zero – Volume 04 Episode 18: Talent and Effort II

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  1. 10th July 2014 | Camila says: Reply
    Man i really love your job! Still this great job no matter what they say cause u are the best!
  2. 10th July 2014 | random guy b says: Reply
    just to let you know: fufufuu reader link is down, they got nuked a few days ago. No word on if they'll be back.
  3. 5th July 2014 | Geese1 says: Reply
    Many thanks for the release!
  4. 5th July 2014 | Remon says: Reply
    Thanks a lot for this awesome chapter. You guys are awesome. By the way I was always wondering what does "FTH" mean????
    • 5th July 2014 | zero says: Reply
      err, FTH means "for the halibut", I guess? Or else my whole life was a lie Anyways, screw the haters, you guys rock!
      • 5th July 2014 | Sean says: Reply
        No matter how much the haters hate, FTH is still going to be awesome, so I totally agree, screw the haters.
      • 8th July 2014 | H_Dogma says: Reply
        For the Hentai's .... What everyone else says is a lie :3
  5. 4th July 2014 | Alhazad2003 says: Reply
    Woo hoo! Thanks for the new chapter, what a way to close out Volume 4 as well as the 28th Class Arc, it's most appreciated! :D And thanks for not being swayed by the Freezing zombies, who constantly demand new chapters regardless of the cost or dubious quality. Looking forward to new chapters of the main story, whenever they come. Your quality is always worth the wait. Until then...
  6. 4th July 2014 | lolman says: Reply
    Thank you very much for the chapter, guys!! And Happy 'Murrica Day! xD

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